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Vacuum porcelain furnace THERMODENT T-08.4

Sintering furnace SP-01
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Vacuum porcelain furnace THERMODENT T-08.4

Vacuum Furnace THERMODENT T-08.4 

with color display and sensor

It`s a new serial model of the automated vacuum furnace for burning of ceramics.

The design and the software of the product embody all the previous experience and the modern developments of the company's team.

All attention in the development is focused on the reliability, maximum efficiency and durability of the device.

This furnace is equipped with a color display and a sensor keyboard.

Simple, intuitive graphical user interface allows you to quickly learn the basics how to work with the product. Each screen of the product interface contains a brief help about the function of the screen, which could be opened by touching the sensor button "HELP".

Flexible menu system allows you to manage the system settings of the product, update the software.

The use of high-performance 32-bit processor allows fast (instant) loading (switching) of the graphic screens.

The product is equipped with a USB 2.0 host. This allows a quick update of the version of thermal programs or operating system using an external USB device (flash card).

Application of a specialized operating system "Progret" of our own development protects the product being affected with the harmful programs (viruses).


The features of the software product:

multilingual interface support;

simple and fast selection of the heat programs from the desktop or archive lists by NAMES of the ceramic masses;

memory capacity allows you to store more than 4 thousand thermal programs;

sorting, copying, deleting of masses and programs in the personal (working) list of the user;

single- and two-stage (crystallization) annealing programs;

programs with "tempering";

function turning on the "PAUSE" mode during the operation of the thermal program;

semi-automatic adjustment of the thermal program parameters depending on the weight of the annealing object (PATENT for the INVENTION Nr. 114581 "Dental furnace for burning dental restoration parts");

programming vacuum level and operating time of the vacuum system;

"night" mode of thermal operation program;

self-calibration, self-diagnosis, the use of modern components provide high reliability of the furnace.


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