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Electric waxknife S2-01

Electric waxknife S2-01.

The device is designed for heating and automatic temperature control of two waxknifes.

This device is used to produce caps and casts from any type of wax.


-orthopedic stomatology,
-jewel manufacturing and other areas.

This device comprises a main unit housing a microcontroller-based control unit and a pulsed power supply unit.

 Two waxknives are installed on individual supports and connected to the main unit via connectors.

 The control unit provides measurements, digital display and adjustment of waxknives’ temperature, and   control of the device operating modes.

  The waxknives can operate in two basic modes:

-     Temperature mode.  In this mode, operating (or preset) waxknife temperature is measured and displayed. The PID law ensures a proper temperature control for the waxknives within a preset range with an accuracy of 1oC.

-       Power mode. Each waxknife is heated with a constant preset power.  Waxknife power is indicated on display.

• Digital display
• Programmable  preset temperature of  waxknifes
• High accuracy of temperature control
• Turbo mode by the sensor ( for waxknife 2 ) with programmable sensivity level

Main technical data

Supply voltage 150-250 V, 50 Hz
Range of temperature control of the waxknife, °С 50 - 250
Waxknife temperature steady-state control error, °С ±1
Nominal power  of waxknife (under 220V supply voltage), W  9,5
Power consumption from the mains, VA  
maximum, W  25
average,W  8
Outline dimensions, mm (max)  
width 85
height 75
length 145
Weight(max), kg 0,7

- main unit
- waxknife handpiece (2 pcs.)
- waxknife inserts   (2 x 4 pcs.)
- user’s manual

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