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Vacuum porcelain furnace THERMODENT T-08.4

Sintering furnace SP-01
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Wax pre-heating unit with electric waxknife VS-02

The device is designed for heating and automatic temperature control of wax pot  and  a waxknife

-orthopedic stomatology,
-jewel manufacturing and other areas.

• Digital display
• Programmable  preset temperature of  wax pot and waxknife
• High accuracy of temperature control
• Turbo-heating  of waxknife  
• Touch sensor switching of waxknife turbo-heating  with programmable sensivity level
• Nonhazardous supply voltage of main unit and electric waxknife (12 V)

Main technical data

Range of temperature control of the wax pot, °С 20 - 110
Stady state error of wax pot temperature control, °С ± 0,1
Range of temperature control of the waxknife, °С 50 - 250
Stady state error of waxknife temperature control, °С ±1
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz
Nominal power  of waxknife (under 220V supply voltage), W 9,5
Power consumption  
maximum, W 25
average,W 8
Outline dimensions, mm (max)  
width 85
height 75
length 145
Weight(max), kg 0,7

- main unit

- AC adapter (220 V)

- waxknife

- waxknife attachments (4 pcs.)

- waxknife holder

- user’s manual


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