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Vacuum porcelain furnace THERMODENT T-08.4

Sintering furnace SP-01
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Programmed heating controller PR-04

We offer specialized programmable heating controller PR-04 to equip your furnace by state-of-the-art control technology based on the microprocessor (investment ring firing, details heat hardening, crystals growth etc.)

• Simplicity of the control
• Programmable for any thermal cycle
• High performance reliability
• Great functionalities at relatively low price
• Convenient 2-row LCD, allowing choosing of interface language (ukrainian, russian, english)
• Programmable temperature levels of object ventilation controll (on/off) 
• Logging of muffle operation at various tempera


Power supply  
Controller 220 V, 50 Hz AC
Power module 220/380 V, 50 Hz AC
Number of phases 1 to 3
Nominal output current of power module 15 A per phase
Temperature range (with appropriate thermocouple) 30 to 1300 °С
Type of control Point-to-point or PID
Number of independent programs 30
Number of heating/cooling zones in each  program 1 to 9
Outline dimensions (height x width x depth),max mm 70×105×170
Weight (max), kg 1

Programmable parameters (in each zone)

Heating rate, °С /min 0,1 to 30
Preset temperature 5 – 1300
Cure (exposure) time at preset temperature, hours 0 – 1000
Protection against power supply failures  
Data retention (all programmable parameters)
without power supply, years
Start delay,  hours 0 to 100
Microprocessor control and temperature monitoring  

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