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Vacuum porcelain furnace THERMODENT T-08.4

Sintering furnace SP-01
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Vacuum porcelain PRESS furnace THERMODENT T-07.P

Dental porcelain press-furnace Thermodent T-07.P is desined for working with various ceramic masses (both high and low temperature)  as well as for making of ceramic crowns according to “In-ceram”  technology (VITA In-Ceram, TURCOM-CERA)
Additionally the furnace provide:
- making of ceramic crowns by pressing.
- automatic control  of press-system pressure level.
- automatic control of piston-rod motion, enabling to shorten pressing cycle and to exclude formation of cracks in investment ring.

• Increased number of firing programs up to 400, 200 of them are user programs with programmable parameters (up to 17 in each program)
• Graphical display, numerical keypad
• Convinient Graphical  User Interface, which provide:
- simultaneously displaying of all programmed parameters and expected program duration
- direct entering of any parameters value by means of numerical keypad 
- continuous displaying of temperature, pressure (vacuum) in firing chamber,   supply voltage, current date and time etc.
- displaying of firing cycle diagram , remaining time both to the end of firing program and to the end of current stage
- automatical control of critical parameters, displaying of warning and error messages
• Operation at night mode
• Improved control of the firing table lifting  mechanism, protection of the motor overpower caused by incorrect denture placement, by falling of outside subjects on the firing table when  the chamber is closing  etc.
High reliability (with 18 month warranty), heating element  KANTHAL (Sweden) covered by quartz tube, compactness and simplicity of servicing  provide high firing quality while working with various ceramic masses.


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