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Vacuum porcelain furnace THERMODENT T-08.4

Melting furnace PP-01

Vacuum pump VPB-02

Burnout furnace MP-70
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Photopolymerization and thermal system FT-01

Designed for extra oral photopolimerization and thermal treatment of crowns and bridge-type dentures using composite materials belonging to a new category called Hybrid Ceramics such as ESTENIA™ (Kuraray, Japan).

• Two chambers: the upper chamber is used for polymerization by light and the lower one – for appropriate thermal treatment
• Microprocessor control unit  with digital display
• Gradual engagement of halogen lamps for increased lifetime
• Supply voltage measuring  and  displaying
• Automatic resuming of operation after power fails.Brief power failures have no influence on polymerization quality

Technical specification

Working temperature of thermal chamber, °С +110
Steady-state stabilization error of working temperature, °С, max ±2
Heat time to working temperature, minutes, no more than 8
Curing time at working temperature 15 ± 0,5%
Programmable curing time of photopolimerization chamber, minutes 0.1-9.9
Photopolimerization curing time increment, minutes 0.1
Rotation velocity of working platform, 1/min 2
Supply voltage 220 V,  50 Hz
Maximum power consumption, VA 1200
Outline dimensions,  mm (max) 545×275×295
Weight (netto), max, kG 17


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